Thanks for checking out The UP Podcast! In the 67th episode we cover: A MAJOR announcement about Lisa!Some Microsoft Teams TipsPower BI data visualisation in model-driven appsTons of stuff about Dynamics 365 MarketingPodcasts and Dramas.

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  • Award Winning Co-host Lisa Crosbie
    • Women in ICT Award in Technical Category – Post from Barhead on Twitter
    • Technical Excellence (Partner) – Post from Barhead on LinkedIn

Teams Tips 

  • Leave an org from Teams app account settings – Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365
  • PowerPoint Present in Teams Button – Present from PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams
  • Lisa’s YouTube Short Video – PowerPoint – Present in Teams Button #shorts – YouTube
  • Teams Modern Search Results Page – Now in Public Preview: Teams Modern Search Results Page (SERP)

Power BI

  • Availability of Power BI quick reports in Model-driven apps in preview – Visualize data in model-driven apps with Power BI (preview) | Microsoft Power Apps
  • Official Microsoft Documentation – Visualize your data quickly | Microsoft Docs
  • Scott Durow’s video – First look at Quick ‘n’ Easy Power BI inside Power Apps – YouTube

Community Content

  • Creating a Marketing Trigger Video – M for Making An Event Trigger – The A to Z of Real-time Marketing Series
  • Creating a Marketing Triger Blog Post – Personalise and Automate Customer Voice Surveys with Real-time Dynamics 365 Marketing — Amey Holden
  • Where do Marketing Form Submissions come from – Get the website URL from a Dynamics 365 Marketing embedded form — Amey Holden
  • Important for tracking Form Submissions from D365 Marketing – Tracking D365 Marketing Form Submissions in Google Analytics
  • 365 Community Chats –Episode 3 – Mark Smith |  Episode 4 – Scott Durow |  Episode 5 – Nick Doelman | Episode 6 – Sara Lagerquist
  • Productivity & Branding Tools from Megan – Top Productivity & Brand Building Tools of 2021

Fun Stuff

  • Lisa – The Thing About Helen and Olga – A Dateline NBC Podcast | NBC News
  • Megan – Alex Rider –  Alex Rider Season 2 | Prime Video (

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